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Kurt Schemers - Host
John Punzo, President and CEO of Sonoran Energy, Inc.
(bb: SNRN)

Authorized: 75,000,000
Shares O/S: 7,466,606
Shares Float Approx: 1,400,000
52-week Range: $.10 to $.51


Sonoran Energy, Inc.
(bb: SNRN)
1701 Westwind Drive
Suite 101
Bakersfield, California 93301
(866) 599-7676


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Interview Date: 12.10.02
Run Time: 12:14

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The Company

About Sonoran Energy, Inc. (OTCBB: SNRN)

Sonoran Energy looks for opportunities with the following criteria: low cost, undervalued and a high rate of return. These projects must include close access to commercial distribution and modern application of oil and gas engineering technology. The management, in essence, is targeting projects that represent substantial growth with minimum exposure and a low-cost entry.

California oil and gas, as a destination, was chosen for a number of economic reasons, the least of which is historical production, over market spot pricing and future demands that far exceed the current production output. The company anticipates that the current pricing of energy commodities will be inextricably linked to the entire world economic cycle. Recession begets lower commodity pricing and economic recovery will usher in higher prices. The time to buy and sell is cyclical and again is academic. Sonoran Energy has confidence that economics drawn on current assumptions of $3.00 MCF of natural gas and $20 per barrel of oil leave healthy margins of profitability with enormous upside.

Sonoran Energy's primary objective is to identify, acquire and develop working interest percentages in smaller, underdeveloped oil and gas projects that do not meet the requirements of the larger California producers and developers. There are currently many outstanding opportunities in the State of California since the departure of the large oil companies several years ago. By making acquisitions that will, over a 12 to 24 month period, allow the company to become a producer of 1000 to 1500 BOE per day (barrel oil equivalent) and 2500 to 5000 Mcf of gas, Sonoran Energy will generate sufficient cash flow to self-finance projects and allow necessary development costs to be borne through cash flow generation. The company feels that a return on investment (ROI) of between two and a maximum of three years on acquisitions is necessary to promote growth and accomplish its objective

Current Acquisitions

KEYSTONE OIL COMPANY'S DEER CREEK PROPERTY, a "Community" Lease consisting of approximately 93 acres at Deer Creek Field, Tulare County, California. Sonoran has a 60% working interest in the property but will receive 80% of the net revenue until it has recouped 150% of its acquisition costs. This project with 12 producing wells and two water injection wells, is a straight production acquisition for approximately 36 barrels oil per day. The property is located 42 miles north of Bakersfield, California in an area dominantly explored and operated by small independent oil and gas companies. The acquisition is for production that is long lived and on a relatively flat decline. Potential exists to increase production by consolidation of offset properties and the application of new technologies. Under current oil prices the undiscounted net present value of the property is estimated at $1.2 million.

EMJAYCO'S GLIDE #33 PROPERTY, a lease consisting of 160 acres in Mt. Poso Field, Kern County, California. Sonoran has a 60% working interest in the property but will receive 80% of the net revenue until it has recouped 150% of its acquisition costs. The project, which has twelve producing wells and one water injector, was shut-in due to record low prices ($6.50 per barrel). At the time of shut in the field was producing 30 barrels of oil per day of 15.7O API gravity crude from eight wells. Average depth to the producing zone is 1,750'. The lease has not been returned to production since. Sonoran will return the first eight of the twelve wells to production and re-complete the water injection well over the next 90 days. Under current pricing of $20.00 per barrel and conservative production rates, the undiscounted net present value from the property is estimated at $375,000.00. Together with Deer Creek, the two properties will produce 65 to 70 barrels of oil per day, and have an upside potential to produce 100 barrels daily.

SAN ANTONIO PROJECT, located in the Salinas Basin, Monterrey California. A 9% working interest in the Anvil Bar 75-26 well has been acquired. The well has been drilled to a total depth of 9,935 feet. Production testing and completion of the well is now under way. The operator of the project, Trio Petroleum of Bakersfield California expects the final testing of both objectives by the end of January. The project produced 500 barrels of oil in 1983 on wells drilled by Texaco. The Anvil Bar has cut 600 feet of sands overlain by 400 feet of oil and gas charged Monterrey Shale. The well is estimated to produce between 500 and 1,000 barrels per day. Pipeline is 250 feet away with carrying and storage being negotiated at the San Ardo field.

The initial phase of production testing, in the upper Monterey Chert zone, produced approximately 10,000 barrels of fresh water and 300 barrels of 37 degree API oil with strong gas shows. Production testing recommenced October 16, 2002. A second completion and testing program is being developed for an 85 foot oil bearing interval in the lower Monterey Chert zone.

Cash flow on 500-1,000 barrels oil and 2,000 mcf/day gas production would be between $390,000 and $600,000 per month with the net revenue interest to Sonoran Energy being between $35,000 and $54,000 per month. A total of 10 wells will be required to develop the entire estimated 44-100 million barrels under closure.

Projected Financial Results

The Company is now focused on generating revenues from the SONORAN family of projects. The current estimated annual net revenue to Sonoran in 2003 from the three acquisitions discussed above is approximately $600,000. This cash flow will provide the base to allow the Company to reach its goal of acquiring working interests in properties with an aggregate of 1,000 BOE per day (barrel oil equivalent) which, at $20 per barrel, is estimated at $7.3 million annually.

Sonoran Associations

The Company has built a solid management team with its association of Archer Exploration Inc. and Longbow, LLC. The addition of Archer and the field operations affiliate, Longbow LLC, Sonoran has in place all the necessary components of a functioning oil and gas company. Archer will not only source out, acquire, and develop all future projects, but will maintain daily operations of all oil and gas fields from the Bakersfield office.

Archer Explorations Inc. was incorporated in 1992 in the state of Nevada as an oil and gas operating company. Archer has an extensive history of contract operations and the farm-out of exploratory services. In 1998, Archer participated in eight exploratory wells, of which seven were successful discoveries of new gas production. Additionally, Archer purchased working interest in production over three fields in the Sacramento Basin. In 2000, Archer participated in 16 outside-operated exploratory wells. Thirteen of these have been completed as gas wells. By year-end of 2000, Archer's net production had doubled over its 1999 production.

Archer continues to build and market high quality exploration plays with the philosophy of only pursuing individual prospects with multiple objective horizons and potential reserves above 300 BCF of gas or 20 million barrels of oil.

Longbow LLC was formed in November of 2001 by John Howe, Brad Califf, James Gable, and Gary Ross specifically to apply management, operational and technical expertise to acquisition, exploration and exploitation opportunities in the Western United States. The principals of Longbow collectively have over eighty-five years of diversified oil and gas experience with both major and independent companies in the largest oil and gas producing basins in North America.

Sonoran Energy Management

John Punzo, Director (Chairman), President & C. E. O.
Mr. Punzo has been Sonoran's President and Chief Executive Officer since January 1999. Since 1981, he has been a businessman and entrepreneur, launching and operating several businesses, including a successful restaurant operation in Vancouver, Canada. Mr. Punzo also has played a key role in obtaining funding for a number of public and private companies. In late 1998, John raised over one million dollars for Showstar Entertainment. After the company went public, it became apparent to the Board of Directors that a strategic shift would be necessary and they felt that Mr. Punzo would be a required element in changing the company's direction. John accepted the position of President and CEO of Showstar in January 1999, on the condition that it be a temporary arrangement. In the year that followed, John raised in excess of $10 million for the company. Though many "dotcom" companies have collapsed during the past years, he was able to keep Showstar afloat and is now directing the Company in getting itself established in the oil and gas industry.

Russ Costin, Director, Controller
Russ is a Certified General Accountant and has served in a variety of accounting and management positions. In 1989, he chose to join a Tax Preparation firm to further his knowledge of taxation as well as working with start-up businesses. For the five years prior to joining Showstar in June 1999, Russ operated his own public practice, providing tax, accounting and consulting services to business and private citizens. During his time with Showstar, he has handled a variety of senior positions and now continues to provide the same support to the CEO through the transition into the oil and gas sector. This includes; accounting, SEC reporting compliance and contract reviews, as well as being the Corporate Secretary.

John Howe, President, Archer Exploration Inc.
John is the founder of Archer Exploration and a registered geologist in the state of California. He formed Archer after leaving Occidental Petroleum in January of 1987. After leaving Occidental, John sold prospects and consulted to several major oil companies under the Archer banner. A partial client list included the following; Chevron, Mobil, Arco Oil and Gas and the U.S. Department of Energy. He is a graduate of Illinois State University with a BSc. of Geology. John has accumulated twenty years of diversified geologic and engineering experience in the application of geo-science techniques in the petroleum industry. Having been associated with the California petroleum industry for the past seventeen years, John has evaluated, produced, and sold oil and gas prospects in the Santa Maria, San Joaquin, Ventura and Sacramento Basins.

Brad Califf, President, Longbow LLC
Brad graduated with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980 and shortly afterwards started his professional career as a Production Engineer with Amoco Production Company in New Orleans, Louisiana. Through the next 22 years Brad excelled within his field, spending a large portion of his career in middle and upper management. Brad was District Manager then Vice President of Torch Operation Company in Bakersfield California. In these positions, Brad managed over 450 employees and a capital budget well over $200 million from January 1994 through 2001. In addition, Brad served as the president of Torch Rig Services, generating annual revenues of $20 million.

After 20 plus years of corporate life, Brad and partners established Longbow, LLC, recognizing significant financial opportunities in the purchase and operation of producing properties in the western United States. Brad was elected President of Longbow and brings his winning management style and experience to the diversified group of professionals that comprises the management of Longbow, LLC.

James Gabel, Senior V.P.
Jim graduated from California State University, Bakersfield with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and History. Jim's background is in contract administration and labor relations with the Southern Pacific Railroad from 1978 to present. Jim joined Archer in 1992 to oversee contracts for operations and participation agreements.

Gary D. Ross, VP
Gary graduated from Southern Oregon College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1966. He is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Landmen and past president of the Bakersfield Association of Petroleum Landmen. Gary has 30 years of experience in the Petroleum industry. He has worked for Shell Oil in the capacity of Senior Landman and as District Landman for Occidental Petroleum in Bakersfield. He serves as Archer's Nevada Resident Agent and deals with leasing and contracts from that office.

Recent News

Sonoran Energy aquires majority ownership in California properties
Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Sonoran Energy secures financing for property acquistions
Thursday, October 31, 2002
Sonoran Energy to acquire two revenue-producing properties
Thursday, October 24, 2002
Production testing recommences on San Antonio Project
Tuesday, October 22, 2002
Sonoran Energy and Archier Exploration / Longbow, LLC form Strategic Partnership
Tuesday, July 30, 2002
San Antonio Oil & Gas Well to undergo Production Testing
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
Sonoran Energy completes asset purchase agreement with Red Butte Financial
Tuesday, July 16, 2002

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Form: S-8 Filing Date: 10/2/2002 - Registration Statement

Form: 10QSB Filing Date: 9/20/2002 - Quarterly Report

Form: 10KSB Filing Date: 8/13/2002 - Annual Report


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