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We Have TWO Audio Interviews with
David Goodman, President and CEO of
QuickTV, Inc.
(otc: QKTV)

Shares O/S: 21,000,000
Float: 2,100,000
52-week Range: $.35 to $2.25


QuickTV, Inc.
(otc: QKTV)
35 Sherwood Drive
Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046


Investor Contact Information:
Wall Street Marketing Group, Inc. for QuickTV, Inc.
Mark Taggatz, 909/244-2828

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Latest - Interview Information:
Interview Date: 01.22.03
Run Time: 19:49

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Interview Information:
Interview Date: 12.11.02
Run Time: 13:30

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The Company

About QuickTV, Inc. (OTC: QKTV)

QuickTV, Inc. is a Digital Video Disc, (DVD) distribution company with capabilities to create the content on a DVD and prepare, edit, author and package DVD's for duplication and sale. We are based in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey and New York City. We were organized under the laws of the state of Delaware in 1999 for the purpose of developing an Internet broadcasting company. During the first half of the year 2000, we discontinued operations until 2002, at which time we changed our business plan and objectives.

In September of 2002, we acquired DVD Acquisition and Development Group, Inc. a DVD distribution company and now focus our strategy in the DVD industry.

Our business focuses in several DVD industry areas: DVD International Division - Distributes DVD's worldwide and as such, is the main focus of our present business. The DVD's distributed by DVD International are supplied by the divisions listed below:

Music Division - We license programs and create value-added content resulting in high quality DVD's featuring high quality video and surround sound audio.

Imagery Division - We license and create programs with reference quality video and surround sound music that we market under the Service Mark (SM) "Plasma-Art" DVD's. While these programs are fully playable and enjoyable when played on any on any DVD entertainment system, the full beauty of these DVD's are best viewed on Plasma Screens and High Definition monitors.

Educational Division - We create and market DVD programs suitable for use in classrooms and for sale in museums gift shops as well as to be enjoyed at home. These programs include program content acquired from NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey.

Travel Division - We acquire and market "travelogue" DVD's that address specific segments of the consumer travel market and major travel destinations.

Games and Interactive Division - We acquire and market "interactive" games and movies.

Operating Strategy

The company's business model is based on a blend of organic growth and carefully selected acquisitions executed in the following ways:

» Securing business partnerships and making synergistic acquisitions.

» Attainment of existing, independent films and projects.

» The development of additional titles that complement the company's existing DVD catalog.

QuickTV offers a unique opportunity to the content creator by offering company stock in addition to traditional advances and royalties. Since distribution and/or revenue returns of any product cannot be guaranteed, the content developer can reap the benefit of the success of all the projects under the QuickTV banner.

The business model minimizes and diversifies the risk for both the QuickTV and content providers. QuickTV offers significant competitive advantages that are obtained from combining resources of related companies.

To enhance the company's business model for rapid growth, the focus of the company is to increase its current distribution base of 100 titles. This is being done by developing unique programming as well as licensing content to produce a wealth of DVD products to be marketed to audiences worldwide through both distributors around the world (including Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Germany, Great Britain, and Spain), as well as domestic retail customers through its existing distribution channels.

Expanded Business

DVD International marketed one of the first ever DVD's ("Video Essentials") and its president, David Goodman, was one of the first five inaugural inductees into the Digital Hall of Fame. DVD International's executive offices, as well as its sales and marketing operations, are based in Mountain Lakes, NJ. The DVD authoring and coding facility is based in Gaithersburg, MD. The Company warehouses and ships its inventory from a centrally located fulfillment facility. DVD International (QKTV) has been acquiring and distributing DVD programming for five years and has added original content development and DVD value-added services to its business profile. The current DVD distribution and sales catalog contains nearly 100 titles.

Current Distribution Base-DVD Titles

The company's current distribution base of approximately 100 titles from over 11 companies includes the Planet Earth Series, featuring unique images of the earth taken from the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station; Sound & Vision's Home Theater Tune-Up, a simplified and thorough DVD illustrating how to set up and get the best performance from home theaters; the Ultra-DVD Series, featuring 480P(30) technology; the interactive/psychological thrillers Tender Loving Care and POV; and the collection A NAXOS Music Journey, a series of classical "music" DVD titles featuring the imagery of some of the world's most beautiful architectural designs and landscapes.

Acknowledgment Award


Presented by the DVD Association

DVD International, recently acquired by QuickTV, received its awards for the following categories: Audio Quality & Presentation-Natural Splendor Navigation Deign & Implementation-Planet Earth: Australia Video Quality & Presentation-The Australian Outback WebDVD Excellence-Planet Earth: Oceania.


David Goodman is the president and director of the Company. He was the founder of DVD International and the DVD Acquisition and Development Group, Inc. and has more then 20 years in the home entertainment industry. His experience includes executive positions with MGM, CBS, and FOX Home Video. In 1985, Goodman founded U.S. Laser Video Distributors, which in three years grew to the largest independent laser videodisc distributor in the U.S. In 1995, U.S. Laser Video Distributors was old to Image Entertainment. In August 2002, Goodman was one of the five inaugural inductees into the Digital Hall of Fame.

Michael Benchoff is a Vice President and director of Technical Operations for the Company. Mike has been with QuickTV, Inc. since 1999 and has been responsible for maintaining and facilitating the Company's Internet presence. Mike ha a bachelor's degree in mathematics.

Sidney J. Pine, C.P.A. is a Vice President and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and a Director of the Company. Sid is a graduate of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics, he is a Certified Public Accountant in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a Member of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, as well as the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts.

Dominic Castadlo, D.D.S. is a Director of the Company and has been an active member of the Company's Medical Advisory Board. For the last 12 years, Dr. Castadlo has been involved in the design and implementation of several medical and dental on-line information services and served as President of the American Dental Network, a telecommunication service provided for members of the American Dental Association.

Ian D. Jones is a Director of the Company. He developed the business model that defines the company's line of products and services. Mr. Jones business background includes 10 years of related experience in establishing and maintaining start-up business involved in entertainment and media industries.

Joan Goodman is the Vice President of Creative Services and is a Director of the Company. Her responsibilities include the management of our graphic designers and copywriters, as well as the creation of all sales and marketing materials and product packaging. Joan is also responsible for the design and creation of the company's advertising programs. She is a co-founder of DVD International and held a similar creative design position in U.S. Laser Video Distributors where she also was the publisher of the company's magazine, LaserViews.

Recent News

QuickTV/DVD International's Point of View Interactive Movie to Be Used as Course Requirement at Columbia College

QuickTV to Release Video Bibles on DVD in Agreement with the Stephen Company

QuickTV Files Form 10-SB Registration Statement to Become a Reporting Company

QuickTV's DVD International and Maxell Reach Co-Marketing Promotional Agreement

QuickTV's DVD International Reaches Agreement With Noted Photographer and Visionary Joseph Sohm to Produce and Distribute "Visions of America" DVD

QuickTV's DVD International is a Four Time Winner at the 2002 DVD Excellence Awards

'FIREPLACE' DVD for the Holidays Now Available From QuickTV's DVD International

QuickTV Readies Form 10 Filing For Bulletin Board Status

DVD Industry Pioneer David Goodman Named President of QuickTV, Inc.

QuickTV's, DVD International to Release the Ideal Visual Audio DVD Experience - 'Tides'

SEC Filings

QuickTV Files Form 10-SB Registration Statement to Become a Reporting Company

QuickTV Readies Form 10 Filing For Bulletin Board Status


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