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The Greece Effect: German stocks sink then soar

U.S. investors downplayed fears of a bad outcome in Greece debt talks with its creditors. But German investors were clearly shaken, as a 5% two-day rally this week after

a big drop on deal optimism shows. Indeed, the Germany’s benchmark DAX index, which plummeted nearly 13% from its April high and into official correction mode last week, has rebounded sharply this week amid rising hopes that Greece will seal a deal with its eurozone creditors and avoid a default and possible exit from the eurozone.

Athens submittted new fiscal reforms Monday and eurozone finance folks are now reading the fine print and will meet again tomorrow. Global investors are hoping for a deal by the end of the week, perhaps as early as Thursday. More

IGEX Replaces E*TRADE In Deal with KINA Securities exceeds estimated income from February to June 2015

Jakarta, Indonesia – June 11th, 2015 - International Global Exchange (OTC:IGEX) is strategically positioning itself at the forefront of the emerging financial markets service sector. IGEX’s local knowledge coupled with world-class partners, gives their clients security and full transparency, all of which is critical for a successful entry into the large and relatively untapped Pacific Rim marketplace.

IGEX recently completed a ten year deal with KINA Securities LTD,, the largest brokerage company in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The agreement, provides KINA Securities’ clients with access to over 21 global exchanges, providing direct access to international markets of equities, currencies, futures, CFDs, options, and commodities More

Eurozone inflation spikes, raising angst on QE timeline
A stronger-than-expected consumer May inflation reading in the eurozone has rattled investors, who view the news as good for the economy but worry it could cut short bond purchases in Europe.

First the background. When the European Central Bank launched a U.S.-style government bond-buying program in January to boost inflation, it said it would spend 60 billion euros a month to buy sovereign bonds and that the program would run through September 2016. ECB chief Mario Draghi said the bond-buying program, dubbed “quantitative easing,” or QE, would stay in place until inflation rose back closer to 2%, a level considered more normal.

Here’s the ‘wild card’ for a Fed hike this year
Kudos to the Atlanta Fed GDPNow model forecast, which nailed that ugly GDP number while plenty on Wall Street didn’t. “Wall Street doesn’t control it or pay for it and can’t fire it if it says the wrong thing. It can destroy myths without having to worry about flipping hamburgers for the rest of its life,” writes Wolf Richter in his Wolf Street blog that deftly explains how that model works.

A one-two punch from growth-data aftershocks plus a view from Bill Gross and others that a June interest-rate hike is out to pasture continue to maul the dollar this morning.

William Adams, head of research at FastMarkets, says the dollar is on its way to a long-overdue correction. With a rate hike now pushed back to September or later, he says the market will finally “realize the dollar has run ahead of the fundamentals.” More

U.S. stocks turn lower after jobless claims, earnings
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks edged lower on Thursday as investors assessed weekly jobless claims and mixed earnings reports from Alcoa, Bed Bath & Beyond and other companies.

The number of Americans filing for initial unemployment benefits rose by less than expected, while the rate of layoffs remained historically low. Meanwhile, wholesale inventories edged up, as sales fell, in a sign that demand over the winter slowed down.

Market participants were gearing up for more earnings reports, after aluminum giant Alcoa unofficially kicked off the first-quarter U.S. earnings season on a downbeat note. More

VIDEO: Too Big to Fail
Sorkin visits with Kurt Schemers on Traders Nation(tm) and shares the moment-by-moment of how the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression developed into a global tsunami. SEE IT NOW>>

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Pope's key science advisor is atheist who believes in 'Gaia, not God'...
St. Francis of Assisi’s hymn Laudato Si’ spoke of “Brothers” Sun and Fire and “Sisters” Moon and Water, using these colorful phrases figuratively, as a way of praising God’s creation. These sentimental words so touched Pope Francis that he named his encyclical after this canticle. More

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